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Okay, get this - everything here - is about me, what I'm feeling and thinking at the time I write it. I may not always be right, but if I wrote it here, it was heavy on my mind and well, there you go! So - because I'm 47, -(4 years later - 51)- growing, changing, living, learning, I may look back a year or two from now and feel differently about what I wrote, so - if I make it to the big time, end up on a talk show, Oprah's or Larry King, don't be pulling from this blog, because I'm going through menopause right now, ain't no telling what I might say, okay? Cool... ciao!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Scandal Addiction...

Look at *OUR* addiction. Is Scandal such an addiction, especially to black woman, because this day, this need, this statement, this public show, this weekly declaration is something that WE - black women have long awaited? Long needed to, well... *HEAL* our battered souls. To repair all the damage done by our leading society who said... we were of "Low" things and nothing of "Value"? 

Has Scandal... and other such stories, tapped into our hurting place? That place that HELD US DOWN within our own minds even? Many of us work hard, REALLY REALLY HARD... to shake off - as Abby put it, the crazy. The crazy of this world that nailed us to the wall of, "Anyone can use, abuse, devalue, belittle, dehumanize, buy, sale, trade, exchange and "Have one" at the right price." How long now have we carried that - *ugly* hanging note around our necks?

Has Shonda Rhimes, thru Scandal - publicly broadcasted - THIS wake up call. Has Scandal and other such literature out today that features incredibly strong, intelligent, dignified women of color - doing what WE have long felt needed, has been long overdue? Removing the note? The sale merchandise note? Saying to the world...that all of the psychological garbage that has been DUMPED on us for centuries needs to be removed... because... enough PROOF is available PROVING that our society who "branded" this to our foreheads, color, hair and moral PROFILE is FALSE! SR's Scandal says, it has always been false! Has always been a lie! Has always been a plot, scheme, TRICK... to keep us down.

Without actually saying it - we show by our NEED for Scandal ... that having that WHITE president, the supposedly most powerful man on earth - lust, long for, obsess, stalk, love, hurt, protect, love, shake and need more, and yes again... LOVE with madness over that black, beautiful, intelligent woman, OP - soothes US - black women - to the core of our injured, abused being. We have needed THIS for so long... that we literally SHAKE to get the reformation of the false claims of us that has existed for far too long. 

Some of us I know will deny it, but others will give it deep thought and know that it's true. After all... would we be THIS addicted - truly, IF POTUS in this drama series were Black? A black man? Would we, really? How many of us would even be watching, let alone addicted to it to the degree that we are? It wouldn't be enough would it, if he were black? Why? Well, mentally speaking, psychologically we instinctively FEEL that a black man SHOULD love us, sooo - we cannot really GET validation of value from him. HE - we feel IS one of us. Thus, he's fighting for his own value place, validation. 

To really FEEL the validation of value that we or some of us, and our souls need - it can only come from attracting and holding - in a honorable position - what today is - the image of power. That image is the WHITE male. Let's face it, this is for now - fair or unfair, just or not - a WHITE world. They dominate it. They hold the so called laws & fashion dictate of value. They should not - it is not JUST that they do... because it should belong to God and only God. Yet, when it comes to what many see and need, here and now - they hold the validating purse strings of value. As James Brown sang, it's a "Man's World" and even more so, for the time being, a "White Man's world."

Thus, to attract, to hold, to entrance, to captivate, and GAIN the white male, and more so a POWERFUL, gorgeous, tall and dreamy white male that looks at one of us, saying.... I NEED YOU - I LOVE YOU - I TREASURE YOU - YOU are everything to me, and I am NOTHING without YOU......... umph... yeah... come on... come on... be real...

Heals US... the black woman. And that is one of the reasons *WHY* - Scandal has gripped our GUTS and will NOT let us go. Scandal is the public declaration, that black women... are VALUABLE - beautiful - intelligent and most certainly, a worthy CATCH to have and to hold. It removes that ugly, unfair, NOTE of sale that hung around our necks. It's been gone for a long time, but the scars, the damage from it, has been done and remains!

As a writer of my own interracial drama series, surrounding black, strong, beautiful female leads, loved and adored by alpha white males... I have to think deeply about the whys of everything I see. To make sense of it, first... helpls me to write about it, second.

Just my thoughts on the matter... as a black woman - yep... I admit it, I am Scandal addicted and I thought - I did NOT have that NEED for validation or value. How wrong I was, am - because Scandal has hooked me full on and then some. And despite the inconsistencies and descrepencies from season 1 to 2 that are blaring and clear, especially if you've watched it as much as I have - which there are more than a few... even that, those inperfectios aren't enough to turn me off of this incredible milestone NEED.

M. Keyes