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Okay, get this - everything here - is about me, what I'm feeling and thinking at the time I write it. I may not always be right, but if I wrote it here, it was heavy on my mind and well, there you go! So - because I'm 47, -(4 years later - 51)- growing, changing, living, learning, I may look back a year or two from now and feel differently about what I wrote, so - if I make it to the big time, end up on a talk show, Oprah's or Larry King, don't be pulling from this blog, because I'm going through menopause right now, ain't no telling what I might say, okay? Cool... ciao!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Eating right for my blood type O+

December 1st I started out of the gate...

I have to maintain a strong protein diet. Because eating several types of fruits and vegetables during the day keeps me hungry and makes me weak. Slows down my weight loss, and so I don't feel satisfied and I end up eating more, and turning to breads, grains, pasta - my ABSOLUTE enemies in ANY PORTION.

My body cannot function correctly with the above. In America, when I found the Zone diet, which is basically, going back to basics of eating. It stated this valid important truth - if you cannot trace the source of your food back ONE STEP to it's original source - DO NOT EAT IT!!!

Majority of the food aisles in grocery stores should be taken out. You know, the aisles with boxed cereals, instant cereals, breakfast bars, quick snacks. Canned cooked foods, all a waste, any processed foods, frozen processed dinners - all garbage!!!

A healthy O+ way of eating is protein and green vegetables and dark berries! While in the United States, I turned over to this way of eating and the weight literally melted off of me in no time flat!!! And it stayed off. Yes, I did my exercises, on an Elliptical for 45 minutes putting myself through it or as an alternative, 45 minute aerobic work out. I ate the following in whatever combination I could conjure or wanted to - twice a day, or on a busy out and about days, I grazed on nuts and dried Jerky for the day, or blue berries, black berries, dark cherries, dark plums - with berries always DARK and ate nothing else and was very satisfied. I ate the following from one day or another, the variety of REAL food to eat is plentiful.

Condiments: Real Lard for cooking, Olive Oil, Soy Sauce, Hot Sauces - Tobasco best! Vinegar, A1 Steak sauces

Fruits: Blue berries, black berries, Very dark plums, dark cherries

Dairy: Eggs, Cheese, Butter for cooking

Fresh Vegetables: Fresh cooked Greens; Mustard, Collard, Turnip, Kale, Green Cabbage, Savoy Cabbage, Spinach, Cilantro, Roman Lettuce, Garlic, Onions, any kind of Peppers, Ginger

Meats: Bacon, Sausage, Ham, hocks, Salt Pork, Smoked whatever I want, Beef - any kind of steak or roasts, Ribs - (Pork )... Lamb, Goose, Duck, Chicken, Turkey, Dried Jerky - (Deer) Venisen - Buffalo

Fish: Cat Fish, Bass, Cod, Trout, Whiting, Orange Roughy, Hokie, Crab, Shrimp, Lobster - whatever!

Other Proteins: Pinto beans, Black eye peas, Kidney beans, Lima beans, Lentils, Small white beans, Peanuts, Walnuts, Pecans, Brazil Nuts

Vitamins: -(Not from Walmart or Walgreens)- Go to Eniva - - or a really good health food store - do not buy grocery store vitamins! Omega's 3, 6, 9 - a must to add to your diet

Minerals: Magnesium, Zinc, B-complex -or- Excellent multiple daily

Vitamins C

Vegetable Juicing: Daily or every other day with very fresh following; Cucumber, Beets, Carrots, Celery, Parsley, Spinach, Red and Yellow bell peppers, Tomatos, iceburg lettuce.

The above satisfied me, kept me from being hungry and the weight melted off! Notice that it's all real food! Notice also that I didn't cut the fat! Know why? Because the body uses REAL FAT - it absolutely needs it. Your skin, your hair, your joints, your BRAIN, your body needs fat! If you don't eat the junk, you won't put on any weight. The body will take the proteins, enzymes, fats and use every bit of it. What it doesn't, will come out in your stool. The foods above and exercise had me ontop of the game, feeling great, full of energy, in a good mood, thinking fast, focused, high levels of concentration often with as little as 5 to 6 hours sleep, never needed anymore - I woke up - wide awake and ready to get out of bed immediately - get to whatever woke me up.

Then - I met my second husband, came to England where the food and access to certain foods is totally different. Majority of the foods I was used to having at my side in America, I could not get in England - unless you lived by a major market and butcher - which we do not! The entire culture change and lifestyle difference threw me off of my routine, broke my rhythm and before I knew it, I was eating things I knew I shouldn't, because I simply couldn't get the things I ate at home to get me on track, as I had been in America due to all the food differences. I've been here 7 years and have gone down hill and I am just now getting myself back on track. I have gained too much weight the last 5 years. The first two, I fought and tried different things to stay on track, but - first slowly, it started coming on, then I just started losing control entirely, and the weight was back on. UGH! Now here I am, after these past years, having to learn alternatives, having to find what I can, and accept what I can't find. Everything is different here, more costly, not as large, nor as good in some cases, you wouldn't think that would be the case where the Queen is - but I speak from experience, it's not the same.

Foods that I cannot eat?
Breads of anykind!
This means no cornbread, corn flour, meals of anykind whatsoever! And sadly, this here list is the weight problem with most black Americans. We love our breads, corn bread -(Jiffy)-, pies, cakes, rolls, donuts, pancakes, french toast, you name it, but it don't like us! Wheat in any form! Pasta of any kind! No Potatoes No Bananas No Oranges No apples No Grapes No Cereals of any kind.

To much of the above is apart of the everyday English staple, especially potatoes, chips, Krisps, deep battered fried fish, cans of baked beans, terrible sausage with rusk fillers, and other things I won't mention. I have a huge battle ahead of me, because of what I have access to as an alternative, and the costs of those choices - but I have to do it, because I haven't been the same since. My health has really deterioated.

Books I strongly suggest. "Eat right for your bloodtype" & "Cook right for your bloodtype" They are excellent books and help you to get on the road to recovery and building a better you! Amazon Links: Eat right For your bloodtype... & Cook right for your bloodtype...

Well as I said, December 1st I started out of the gate, let's see how it goes...

Monday, November 30, 2009

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, you can't have it all....

I'm sitting here shaking my head, spent the morning laughing, couldn't help myself. Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, what are you doing? Do you know, because of you, men who have done the no, no on their wives, and begged for forgiveness - and have been forgiven, to the extent that the wife could - they are right now walking about on egg shells, all because of what you've done, bringing it all back up again for them to suffer through once more, hey - and rightly so! Because I don't care what anyone says, about forgiveness and all that - that if you don't forget, you can't forgive.

Well I'm sorry, once it's been done to you, you can't forget! I speak from experience! And yes, you try with everything in you to forgive, to move on - but no no, not that easy. Now let me just say, that I'm not saying that Tiger is guilty of doing anything wrong.

However, for some strange reason, wifey went ghetto on him, standing over him with a golf club. Now, some reports state it was used to break a window and drag him out - yeah, okay, hey - maybe all the doors were locked. Oh please forgive me, I have been laughing all morning, I know that it's wrong and I truly feel ashamed of myself, because this man has probably done nothing wrong! He was scratched up, bumps, bloody mouth... hmmm, sounds like a fight I once had with my ex-hubby - anyway - back to Tiger.

Now now, what's sad is, it's quite possible that she chased his poor innocent self out of the house after attacking him, and wasn't satisfied enough, so grabbed one of his clubs to try and reach that point where she could back off and take a breath and feel better. Could be that she went through all of that over the wrong information - some one putting a "she say, he say" on her. And here comes Tiger, not making it any easier for her to ignore, strolling into the house, at ease as you please, 2am in the morning, with that grin, smelling unlike he did when he left! Hehehe - now now. Forgive me, but my imagination is going beserk right now, because all of this could have been miscontrued!

After all, the other woman denied all! Said no no no, there has been no affair, it's lies, all lies! Well first of all, where did this woman come from? Why is there another woman to be questioned, at all? Just a little something that makes you go, hmmmm? The very way I'm sure Mrs Woods went, hmmmm? Anyway - it's quite possible that all of this is just a big nasty ol'misunderstanding!

But just incase there is no misunderstanding, Elin - you go girl! Woooo, I can see it now, she was probably pacing back and forth waiting on his butt!

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, now you know you cannot have it all! As a black man, whether you see yourself as that or not, they sure do! You know, the ones that busted your game? Yeah, them, they tired of your ass! Yes they are. Stepped your black butt up, took their game from them! You know how long they been playing golf, Eldrick? Do you know? For centuries now, and here you bring your grinning butt in, and just take over the game, got your own official game - Tiger Woods Golf game! Got all those trophies they feel should be theirs! Got endorsements up the ying yang, that they should have, and then, got one of their women to boot! And then, have the gall to think, you can have it all and cheat too? And ain't nobody gonna tell?

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger - come on now, you can't have it all baby. When will the black man learn that just because you choose to turn from black women - and hey, if you want to - that's your choice, you can choose who you want to live your life with, no problem, I'm all for it - however too many choose a white woman because they think, she'll be easier to menipulate. That's what pisses me off! They think the white woman is easier to control - that she will allow him to get away with whatever he wants! It's the black men that choose for that reason, that pisses me off! So when I read this story, and that girlfriend - my white sister - went ghetto on him, I laugh and love it - every moment of it. Girlfriend, if you can stay with him, stay! If you can forgive him, forgive him, but first... put something on his ass he won't soon forget! LOL, oh I know many will read this and shake their heads, maybe come back with correction for me.

So beit! I loved it - I couldn't read the story through my tears of mirth - my husband had to take over and read it - we all know Tiger was running from a well deserved ass whipping! ROFLMBO!!! Okay, okay, I'm sorry, that's wrong - again, you can't believe the, "he say, she say" - but - something made her lay it on him! Tiger was laying on the ground, unconscious! Lie! He was wide awake, but he didn't want her to hit him with that club again! hehehehe - oh man. That's enough, here's one of the reports to draw your own conclusion - because I have drawn mine, and true or not - it made my morning.

The story... I'm only human - Yeah, I'm sure you are...

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger - baby - you can't have it all...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Life, family & bull-crap - goes hand'n'hand!

Misery does love some company...

Yes, life, family and bull-$h*£ truly does go hand in hand. I say this because I have always been a lover of family. Yet, in loving family, trying to cope with all the things that take place in family, you still some how end up with crap on you. I hate that, that is one fact to be true. My gaols in life are basically simple - they revolve around doing my thing, and leaving others be to do their own thing.

Now, in the process of doing my thing, just like everyone else, there is that deep seeded need to touch base with family every now and then, to check on; to share with; to hear about; to contribute to; to support; encourage and cheer for - that's basically what it's all about. Yet - there are ingredients, or - members - chosen or not - who are determined to be a complete and utter pain in the rump for no other reason than they are unhappy with their own lives and cannot see why you shouldn't be unhappy as well. Since misery is the company they keep, surely you are missing this good thing with misery and thus, I shall share my misery with YOU!

And me, well in truth, I don't want it! Keep your misery, your unhappiness, your nasty envies, your covetous fantasies, your resentments against this one, because of whatever is, or, is not true - and thus YOU must be in on it too, just because you're in this family and close to the source!

NO! - NO! - A thousand times no, I ain't in on crap!

Why can't people be peacable of mind and body? Positive of self and thus give and share the positives? Project that forward instead of all the bitter venom? Positive energy is a whole lot better energy in which one can thrive on, grow on, climb on, and succeed on - it makes you feel all gooshy good inside, really it does. Question? How do you convince those of misery that - you know, those that haven't a clue about anything else but spreading crap! Raining on other peoples parade! Bolstering themselves by putting you down, instead of standing on their own laid ground. I don't know - I question myself.

As years have gone past and I've gotten to know myself, I realize that I am guilty of being a runner. As soon as I'm free to take off - I'm gone - leaving family behind, simply because of too much BS, really. Everyone has a reason to be angry, resentful, hurt, mean, jealous, spiteful and thus use those energies to back stab, plot and destroy. My answer - RUN - get the hell out! Fast as you can - leave it all behind. And then what did I go and do? Get on Facebook and let family know where I could be found.

DAMN! Damn, damn, damn, damn! Thanks to the Internet - with all it's positives and negatives - which I must say, that I always felt was more positive than not - and so, was oh so happy to find certain family members - but you know what? You cannot find some - without finding the rest - they - the rest, the nasties, can smell - joy - laughter - good times - happiness and togetherness a mile away!

Because the minute they do, it's... "Oh no no no, I ain't having this! Gone put a stop to this right now, hell if ya'll gone be happy when I hate myself the way I do, no no no no!" Yep, in there come, and sure enough, the parties over! How far exactly does one have to go to get away from the bs? Who knows, the Internet is everywhere, but I can tell you this - I do understand now, why people become hermits, close themselves away and remain quiet - if they're lucky - they'll never be discovered in this - ridiculous game of - Hide and go Seek! I'll be back with something more positive to say, because I need my ride to remain positive - but every now and then, some nasty slips in on you, and this is the best way to bring it to a head and pop that nasty! Quick, duck - don't let it get on you, it's hell to get it out!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Self Race Hate... Urgh - too much!

Well here it is on a Wednesday morning and I have so much on my mind that's sending me just a bit nutty. For the second time in the last few months I've seen interviews or programs on people who are so unhappy with their racial traits, features they're willing to have them surgically altered. I mean, this is extreme! First program or show, was with Tyra Banks. I don't really care for her, or her shows, but this one in particular caught my eye. The focus was on black women, who had dark skin, bleaching their skin to look lighter.

Their feelings were, that lighter skin, means prettier somehow. And it simply isn't so. Hue of your complexion does not guarantee good looks. No offense, but look at Mariah Carey, she's just average, in fact, a plain Jane if any. Beautiful voice once upon a time yes, but beautiful? Nope - sorry. Being mixed, or light skinned does not equal = good looks, pretty, or beautiful. No No No! Yet, this society we live in, the fashion industry, the model industry, the plantations of old, the "white superior" philosophy has brained washed all to believe white, light is best or right! The brainwashing has been so successful that people are almost killing themselves, in absolute misery to be fair of skin, light, or white! It drives me crazy - because as a light skinned black woman, I can tell you now, that it never did me any favors.

Light skinned on a black woman, is like being a true blonde in the white world. You're looked at as being dumb, easy, not taken seriously, used by many if you allow yourself to be, and treated like an object instead of someone with a brain, intelligence, goals, plans, morals and dignity! Black guys wanting you simply because you are light skinned. That crap used to piss me right off! Having some "insecure" dark skinned sisters hating on me simply because I was light skinned with long hair. That's all some of them could see, with a inner feelings that -( I thought that I was better than them)- because of my light skin and long hair. When nothing was further from the truth. Don't get me wrong, sad to say, I do know of a few light skinned black women that are stuck on themselves - I can't even get into that - because it's as far from who and what I am as a light skinned black woman can get.

And all of this nonsense that has made dark skinned people feel inadequate truly breaks my heart. Some of the most beautiful people I know, are of dark skin. My brother Larry, girls used to call him black jesus he was so fine, yet - he had a complex - born of the mentality that existed within our own family. One split by the light skin side, versus the dark skinned side. Oh Lord don't even let me get into that, it would take too long. Anyway, on Tyra Banks, there was a panel of dark skinned black women, going to extreme to be light skinned.

Is it just a "black" curse? NO! Last night a program was on with a variety of "non-white" races going to extremes to look more "White". Chinese women, having their eyes done over by plastic surgery to be bigger. Their faces, jaw bones chiselled to have more angular features. One Pakistan woman that was very dark in complexion suffered the same hell as the black women from Tyra banks show. Men getting their jaws, face, noses, and skin done to look as close to white as they can get. I sat watching this with my mouth open - simply stunned! And hey, we're not the only one suffering from body dysmorphia disorder.

Look what some whites are doing to themselves? Out in the sun until their skin is riddled with skin cancer, butchering their lips to have fuller lips, getting plastic surgery to remove the lines of aging until they look like they're trapped in a permanent wind tunnel! Madness! Absolute madness! Where will it stop? When did it start? As humans go - we truly do SUCK at life in general. We don't appreciate sheit that the creator or maker has done!

Mankind decided for himself that he would venture off into making distinct breeds of himself and now, no one is happy with the results. Had we remained as GOD wanted us to be, marrying based on our belief in Him, or religion and love instead of sticking to a certain race, tribe or clan - we might be content, happy with ourselves. We would be more balanced in our looks instead of the extremes that exist now.

Oh well and what the hell, in the end, someone is happy - ask all the plastic surgeons making mint each year from the ugly seeds planted long ago and now even, look how it's manifesting itself; mankind is on an idiotic ride of insecurities laced with pain killers and anestesia coursing through our blood streams, making us dumber and dumber, and more and more unsatisfied with ourselves until the earth is swarming with a plethora of freaks from under the knife! Carved up, bleached out, plumped up, sucked out, pulled tight, and orange dipped to death!

Sad really when you think about it, because this is the other side of how racism has manifested itself.

Enough said...

Monday, October 19, 2009

New Beginnings

This is the first night where I've set in motion certain things that must be done; I have several pots on the fire and here is what's in the pots.
  • Advanced CSS - XHTML - Joomla! for Web deisgn
  • Updating Bomaw to episode 99
  • Creating images for Odd Socks
  • Continuing our writing Saoirse
  • Get websites updated to W3C standard
How exactly do I go about getting all the above done while keeping my sanity? Not sure how it will be done, but I am determined to do it. It's all about scheduling I suppose and that's what must be established first. Having two little boys every weekend, and one of them through the week as well, forces me to stick to doing what I know has to get done. Blogging is something I don't easily do; the requirements of making daily posts shows how faulty my consistent engine is. So I'll keep this up for a few days and then bam - it'll drop off. The key I suppose is to take advantage of what's going on around you and make comment on that.

Oh and I'm doing my opinions page over, pulling out the old opins I've done and cleaning them up to publish with the new improved website. I'm pretty proud of my Racism opin and hope I can do justice to the others that must now be done. Won't keep this long, since I have so much to do today, just wanted to get something out there.

I can be found on Facebook, yep and you can twitter me too, and I'm at Urban Soul as well, Multiply. I believe that's it for time being and uh, chat'cha laterz!

:c: To keep colds, flus at bay
take the time, to juice everyday!