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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Finally... The story of "Belle"

The new movie, "Belle" showing - May 2, 2014 at a theatre near you - finally!

I must admit to being very excited about this movie. The story is of my style of storytelling. In fact, years and years ago as far back as in the 80's - her story helped inspire my story of Princess Ces'alena. It was the first of my trilogy - Webster Fields. This trilogy can be found at Amazon - Princess Ces'alena. Anyway - while researching Webster Fields I ran into the story of Belle - along with it, the story of Europe's historical secret - Queen Charlotte - yes, she was very mixed and built up from black ancestry. 

In any case - I am going to keep the focus on this beauty who is being played by, Gugu Mbatha Raw. Her eloquence alone explains why she was chosen for this role. For me, I am one of those die-hard believers that there are thousands of amazing, exciting stories to be told surrounding love between and over the color lines. Our history with Hollywood has not been a pretty, fair, or just one. For years the truth surrounding historical events has been altered and white washed - bleached so many times that we're far beyond the insult of it all. Too many times they depicted characters in stories that would have been so much more rich and vibrant had they stuck to the truth and been honest in the telling. How hard can it be to be real, honorable and accurate in these tales? 

What do I mean? Examples...
  1. Cleopatra
  2. Moses's wife -(Ten Commandments)
  3. Noah - (All white - no black folks to be found)
  4. King Solomon & The Queen of Sheba
You see what I mean right?

God's world of beauty comes in many luxurious shades and so many come out of BLACK! Brown, Honey, Caramel and Olive - and yes - too white! But not in EVERYTHING! The hair of our heroines weren't always flaxen glossy, long and silky. Some of them had tight kinky hair to loose tendrils that were many shades. For instance - the face of today that is FINALLY proving just how beautiful and desirable black really is.
Need I say more? Ha!
Our world that is dominated by this entire and complete white thing - is not true in the real world. However, by very extreme and slow degrees - things are beginning to look as if they might possibly be changing - but oh is it ever slooow. 

Point is, I want to see a world that is as colorful on TV and in the movies as it has been in real life. This is why I write what I write and how I write it. This is why I am sooo excited about "Belle"... because the fashion industry and the movies are starting to be honest in that beauty is more than and certainly not always WHITE.

Let's please move a bit faster in the fact that...
  • All the heroes cannot be white!
  • All the leads cannot be white!
  • All the damsels in distress - not white!
  • All the greatest loves of white knights - aren't.... white!
  • All the beauties that face their beast - nope - not - white!
May 2nd 2014 - I will certainly be among those lining up for this amazing and long awaited movie and I sure hope this will not be the last. True, programs on TV are starting to be daring and bold ie; Scandal and such other shows - but still there is more to be done. In the meantime... pass the popcorn and shhh - "Belle" is on!

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