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Thursday, October 29, 2015

The UGLY price and victimization of LIME-LIGHT & SUCCESS...


The problem with Social Media nowadays is that now that some people have an audience ie; blogging, vlogging, YouTube, Google+, Facebook - they, the "NORMALS" suddenly have an imagined social degree on character profiling and judgement! An ultra major insight into the lives of people they do NOT know personally. 

  • Have NOT lived with. 
  • Have never walked in their shoes. 
  • Have not a CLUE of what drives a person truly!
  • What HAUNTS them.
  • Hurts them - has in the past injured them.
  • How they've been scared and scarred.
  • How they grew, due to no fault of their own in an "UNNATURAL" family setting.
  • How they - the individual took dried lemons... thinking they've made lemonade. 
 YET, those who THINK they know, will pick up the media reports and draw ALL kinds of know-it-all conclusions on what is happening as if they are a fly on wall and has seen and know it all. 

What drives me really crazy, is how some give an impression and at first comes off looking dignified, insightful, with a touch of class and truly about being an UPLIFTER and encourager, only to find they have no dignity at all! The so call class is just a subterfuge, it's all make-up, lights and practiced poses, gestures and grins. Yeah, ANYONE who derives delight in cutting a stranger to pieces based on reports and hearsay and can be absolute and certain about what they THINK - HA, yeah - you know that person delights in breaking down, crushing, eagerly rubbing the failure in glee before a captive audience. And THAT, is the height of ugly arrogance, haughtiness and OVER-assured self-importance and pride. Matthew 7: 1- 3 is pretty clear on the matter. Judge not, les YOU be judged.
And another concerning pride? Proverbs 16: 18. And another, concerning haught or humble, Matt: 23: 12, whomever exalts himself will be HUMBLED, and whoever humbles himself will be EXALTED. 

These are not empty scriptures that don't carry impact! When they hit, they hit hard! Everyone who thinks they are BETTER for whatever reasons, will always be brought DOWN. Though many are free to slander others nowadays - and do - and it is sad, because IF they REALLY knew the TRUTH? Would they even bother to report that? Not likely, because most people that occupies space on the internet do so to rattle out the above. Finally THEY get to be the STAR because they too have an insatiable need to be heard and to be seen and thought more of than is actually true.

Too much time doing it, eventually reveals who and what they really are. It never fails. Social media is alot like big brother. You go into the house constantly reminding yourself there is a camera on you, so act right - people are watching. BUT - just like Big Brother, soon, the newness wears off and the camera becomes a picture on the wall and the REAL person inside comes out! Yeah... 

Again, it is so sad! Because the stars that earn MONEY - have paid quite the price for their FAME and man is it high. Their millions of dollars earned for hard work, evokes ugly tendencies in those who are elated to see them fail, their faults, errors, mistakes and struggles broadcasted. So the STAR wannabes get to have their moment to shine in tearing these people, HUMANS apart. Few ever feel sad or pity or compassion for a life that is apparently completely out of control of the one struggling to live it. A life that is constantly under a spotlight - your errors are on constant display. No wonder our Creator instructed, guided and stated that we should not think more of ourselves than necessary, nor should we draw undo attention to ourselves. That's Hollywood - and so many stars are STUCK. 

When people defend them, (the struggling star) - the wannabes come out with their biting comments and ugliness to say in all coldness, spouting - they chose that life, so it's obviously what they deserve - they get paid enough! Yet, the list is LONG of stars who self-destructed, committed suicide, who drank, drugged, and prescription drug popped themselves to DEATH! With MILLIONS of dollars in the BANK! You think that's a happy life? 

Truth is, the majority of stars that succeed don't realize the price they're going to pay when they pursue it and obtain it. No matter what is done to hold on to their privacy, their business is all out there. They're danged if they do talk about it, they're danged if they DON'T talk about it. They have set themselves up with a lifestyle, and bill count, and other expenses including others who are looking to them to get paid, ie; the LEECHES, agents, managers, lawyers - yeah - that's the business. Coming out of it for many is like leaving the mophia - there is a longing to be FREE... but they are a SLAVE to the life, don't think for a moment they aren't! Not only a slave to the public, but VICTIMS to the know-it-all vindictive snakes who cannot wait to read how next they've failed. So THEY can be a star with their opinions and JUDGEMENTS! SMH - oh well... I got that out of my system. Now I can move on. 

I know many "Stars" who wish they could. 

Enough said...

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