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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Self Race Hate... Urgh - too much!

Well here it is on a Wednesday morning and I have so much on my mind that's sending me just a bit nutty. For the second time in the last few months I've seen interviews or programs on people who are so unhappy with their racial traits, features they're willing to have them surgically altered. I mean, this is extreme! First program or show, was with Tyra Banks. I don't really care for her, or her shows, but this one in particular caught my eye. The focus was on black women, who had dark skin, bleaching their skin to look lighter.

Their feelings were, that lighter skin, means prettier somehow. And it simply isn't so. Hue of your complexion does not guarantee good looks. No offense, but look at Mariah Carey, she's just average, in fact, a plain Jane if any. Beautiful voice once upon a time yes, but beautiful? Nope - sorry. Being mixed, or light skinned does not equal = good looks, pretty, or beautiful. No No No! Yet, this society we live in, the fashion industry, the model industry, the plantations of old, the "white superior" philosophy has brained washed all to believe white, light is best or right! The brainwashing has been so successful that people are almost killing themselves, in absolute misery to be fair of skin, light, or white! It drives me crazy - because as a light skinned black woman, I can tell you now, that it never did me any favors.

Light skinned on a black woman, is like being a true blonde in the white world. You're looked at as being dumb, easy, not taken seriously, used by many if you allow yourself to be, and treated like an object instead of someone with a brain, intelligence, goals, plans, morals and dignity! Black guys wanting you simply because you are light skinned. That crap used to piss me right off! Having some "insecure" dark skinned sisters hating on me simply because I was light skinned with long hair. That's all some of them could see, with a inner feelings that -( I thought that I was better than them)- because of my light skin and long hair. When nothing was further from the truth. Don't get me wrong, sad to say, I do know of a few light skinned black women that are stuck on themselves - I can't even get into that - because it's as far from who and what I am as a light skinned black woman can get.

And all of this nonsense that has made dark skinned people feel inadequate truly breaks my heart. Some of the most beautiful people I know, are of dark skin. My brother Larry, girls used to call him black jesus he was so fine, yet - he had a complex - born of the mentality that existed within our own family. One split by the light skin side, versus the dark skinned side. Oh Lord don't even let me get into that, it would take too long. Anyway, on Tyra Banks, there was a panel of dark skinned black women, going to extreme to be light skinned.

Is it just a "black" curse? NO! Last night a program was on with a variety of "non-white" races going to extremes to look more "White". Chinese women, having their eyes done over by plastic surgery to be bigger. Their faces, jaw bones chiselled to have more angular features. One Pakistan woman that was very dark in complexion suffered the same hell as the black women from Tyra banks show. Men getting their jaws, face, noses, and skin done to look as close to white as they can get. I sat watching this with my mouth open - simply stunned! And hey, we're not the only one suffering from body dysmorphia disorder.

Look what some whites are doing to themselves? Out in the sun until their skin is riddled with skin cancer, butchering their lips to have fuller lips, getting plastic surgery to remove the lines of aging until they look like they're trapped in a permanent wind tunnel! Madness! Absolute madness! Where will it stop? When did it start? As humans go - we truly do SUCK at life in general. We don't appreciate sheit that the creator or maker has done!

Mankind decided for himself that he would venture off into making distinct breeds of himself and now, no one is happy with the results. Had we remained as GOD wanted us to be, marrying based on our belief in Him, or religion and love instead of sticking to a certain race, tribe or clan - we might be content, happy with ourselves. We would be more balanced in our looks instead of the extremes that exist now.

Oh well and what the hell, in the end, someone is happy - ask all the plastic surgeons making mint each year from the ugly seeds planted long ago and now even, look how it's manifesting itself; mankind is on an idiotic ride of insecurities laced with pain killers and anestesia coursing through our blood streams, making us dumber and dumber, and more and more unsatisfied with ourselves until the earth is swarming with a plethora of freaks from under the knife! Carved up, bleached out, plumped up, sucked out, pulled tight, and orange dipped to death!

Sad really when you think about it, because this is the other side of how racism has manifested itself.

Enough said...

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