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Monday, November 30, 2009

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, you can't have it all....

I'm sitting here shaking my head, spent the morning laughing, couldn't help myself. Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, what are you doing? Do you know, because of you, men who have done the no, no on their wives, and begged for forgiveness - and have been forgiven, to the extent that the wife could - they are right now walking about on egg shells, all because of what you've done, bringing it all back up again for them to suffer through once more, hey - and rightly so! Because I don't care what anyone says, about forgiveness and all that - that if you don't forget, you can't forgive.

Well I'm sorry, once it's been done to you, you can't forget! I speak from experience! And yes, you try with everything in you to forgive, to move on - but no no, not that easy. Now let me just say, that I'm not saying that Tiger is guilty of doing anything wrong.

However, for some strange reason, wifey went ghetto on him, standing over him with a golf club. Now, some reports state it was used to break a window and drag him out - yeah, okay, hey - maybe all the doors were locked. Oh please forgive me, I have been laughing all morning, I know that it's wrong and I truly feel ashamed of myself, because this man has probably done nothing wrong! He was scratched up, bumps, bloody mouth... hmmm, sounds like a fight I once had with my ex-hubby - anyway - back to Tiger.

Now now, what's sad is, it's quite possible that she chased his poor innocent self out of the house after attacking him, and wasn't satisfied enough, so grabbed one of his clubs to try and reach that point where she could back off and take a breath and feel better. Could be that she went through all of that over the wrong information - some one putting a "she say, he say" on her. And here comes Tiger, not making it any easier for her to ignore, strolling into the house, at ease as you please, 2am in the morning, with that grin, smelling unlike he did when he left! Hehehe - now now. Forgive me, but my imagination is going beserk right now, because all of this could have been miscontrued!

After all, the other woman denied all! Said no no no, there has been no affair, it's lies, all lies! Well first of all, where did this woman come from? Why is there another woman to be questioned, at all? Just a little something that makes you go, hmmmm? The very way I'm sure Mrs Woods went, hmmmm? Anyway - it's quite possible that all of this is just a big nasty ol'misunderstanding!

But just incase there is no misunderstanding, Elin - you go girl! Woooo, I can see it now, she was probably pacing back and forth waiting on his butt!

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, now you know you cannot have it all! As a black man, whether you see yourself as that or not, they sure do! You know, the ones that busted your game? Yeah, them, they tired of your ass! Yes they are. Stepped your black butt up, took their game from them! You know how long they been playing golf, Eldrick? Do you know? For centuries now, and here you bring your grinning butt in, and just take over the game, got your own official game - Tiger Woods Golf game! Got all those trophies they feel should be theirs! Got endorsements up the ying yang, that they should have, and then, got one of their women to boot! And then, have the gall to think, you can have it all and cheat too? And ain't nobody gonna tell?

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger - come on now, you can't have it all baby. When will the black man learn that just because you choose to turn from black women - and hey, if you want to - that's your choice, you can choose who you want to live your life with, no problem, I'm all for it - however too many choose a white woman because they think, she'll be easier to menipulate. That's what pisses me off! They think the white woman is easier to control - that she will allow him to get away with whatever he wants! It's the black men that choose for that reason, that pisses me off! So when I read this story, and that girlfriend - my white sister - went ghetto on him, I laugh and love it - every moment of it. Girlfriend, if you can stay with him, stay! If you can forgive him, forgive him, but first... put something on his ass he won't soon forget! LOL, oh I know many will read this and shake their heads, maybe come back with correction for me.

So beit! I loved it - I couldn't read the story through my tears of mirth - my husband had to take over and read it - we all know Tiger was running from a well deserved ass whipping! ROFLMBO!!! Okay, okay, I'm sorry, that's wrong - again, you can't believe the, "he say, she say" - but - something made her lay it on him! Tiger was laying on the ground, unconscious! Lie! He was wide awake, but he didn't want her to hit him with that club again! hehehehe - oh man. That's enough, here's one of the reports to draw your own conclusion - because I have drawn mine, and true or not - it made my morning.

The story... I'm only human - Yeah, I'm sure you are...

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger - baby - you can't have it all...

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  1. Ha, ha, ha - I was right! Dude fell asleep with his mobile in hand and texting - silly chump! On well, all well that ends well, with that nine iron bouncing off of his skull!


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